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Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Hot Air Balloon Wedding

While exploring the Serengeti on a safari trip in Africa, Adam proposed to Jill. As avid backpackers and travel-enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that Jill and Adam wanted an adventurous wedding. So, when they got back home to Washington and started planning their wedding, they thought back to their epic proposal and remembered the hot air balloons flying through the blue sky. That’s when the idea hit them: a hot air balloon wedding.

While most weddings happen rain or shine, hot air balloons require very particular weather conditions to take flight. On Jill & Adam’s planned wedding date, it was too rainy for a safe flight, and so they rescheduled their ceremony to another day. Since they were all dressed up, photographer Betty Elaine took a few bridal portraits of them at nearby Rattlesnake Lake. The couple’s home actually has a trail that leads to Rattlesnake Lake, so it’s a very special place for them.


A few days later, on a beautiful sunny day with safe flying conditions, they were able to say their vows in Snohomish, WA in the sky. Their greatest memory of the hot air balloon was their vows and how they both told the exact same story of how they knew they were in love. Ironically, it was about how Jill was so miserable on a backpacking trip from elevation sickness (that she did not want to go on) and how Adam did everything he could with the little he had to make her feel comfortable. It doesn’t sound romantic, but for this couple love is all about adventure!

We love hearing couples who plan their wedding not based on tradition or what is “supposed” to happen, but what is important to them and what they want their day to be. Plus, getting married thousands of feet in the air sounds pretty epic, and definitely adventurous. Congrats Jill and Adam!


Photographer: Photography by Betty Elaine

Hot Air Balloon: Snohomish Balloon Company

Wedding Dress & Shoes: BHLDN

Hair & Makeup: Swink Style Bar

Ring: Greenlake Jewelry

Suit: J. Crew

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