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It may storm, but we don't care | Rattlesnake Elopement Photos

It may storm, but we don't care | Rattlesnake Elopement Photos

For those of you who haven't stood atop Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, WA, you don't know the majesty this place holds. That is what makes it such a grounding view for PNWers and a perfect place for this beautiful elopement by Toni Christine.


Ellie and Derek had their first date on top of Rattlesnake Ledge and only DAYS before they were set to move out of Washington State and back home to Indiana, these two set up a "Farewell Party" to say good bye to friends and family, only to have ELOPED right before the party started! They said their vows in a blustery rainstorm right next to the lake and then hiked to the top of the ledge to share their first dance complete with music and everything!


What made you laugh?

A few young hikers were at the top of the mountain and were cheering as the bride and groomed shared their first dance.


What made you cry?

When Derek held back tears during his vows, I could barely hold it together myself!


When we reached the top, we were unsure if there would be full cloud cover or if we would be blessed with a view... BUT the rainstorm paid off and we saw the most majestic rainbow RIGHT as we reached the top and it was such a perfect reminder that there is beauty after a storm!

What is the story you want told from this day?

That a little extra "elements" are not always a bad thing! Brides, don't be afraid of a big of wind in your veil, dirt on your gown and a raindrop running down your cheek because it all just adds to the memories of the day!

Be sure to check out Toni Christine's website and Instagram to see more of her fantastic work!

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