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Boho Tent and Sagebrush Stylized Shoot

Boho Tent and Sagebrush Stylized Shoot

We are really excited to bring you along with Tetiana Photography's Boho tent stylized shoot. You're going to want to sleep under the stars with the tent she made and the story of the day is wonderful.


I had an idea to do a bohemian styled shoot in mind for quite some time and just was waiting for sun and warmth. I planned it, gathered all the props and found everybody for this session by myself. Every little detail I got at the different antique and thrift stores, it took me about 2 months to find everything I wanted. Candlesticks, little antique glass box, glasses, fabrics for the tent, pearls for the bridal belt, tray, pillows etc. I was inspired by old photographs of Romani people and the nature of the Eastern Washington itself.


What made you laugh?

We were laughing all the time there! Dalton (the groom) is hilarious, he was singing, dancing and moving his butt in a "sexy way" all the time. It was really hard to concentrate on the session itself, but so much fun!


What will you never forget?

How we were carrying tons of stuff to the shooting place and Dalton lost half of those he carried on the way there! He went back to collect all things he dropped, accidental tourists were confused to see pillows and jewelry boxes laying on the trail, and then a bohemian tent in the middle of wilderness.


What is the story you want told from this day?

I wanted to show an authentic beauty of the nature and people. When I was looking for a models I knew I want them to be naturally beautiful inside and out. I knew I want to have a lot of air, sunset light and wind in my photos to add this wild feeling to the pictures.

Be sure to check out Tetiana's website and Instagram to see more of her work!

Other vendors:

Bridal Accessories: Crystal Ash Jewelry (Instagram)  

Florist: Petal and Posy  (instagram)

Hair: Alyvia 

Makeup: Abbie Marie  

Sunset in the surf engagement photos

Sunset in the surf engagement photos

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