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The greenest of greens styled elopement

The greenest of greens styled elopement

In case you didn't know, it sometimes rains in the Pacific Northwest. But, the key to celebrating love in the Upper Left isn't to shy away from a drizzle, but embrace that as the root of why we live in the greenest part of the world. Photographer Lindsey Clawson embraced that for Mackenzie and Jared's styled elopement, celebrating love in the midst of the woods and a deluge.


Mackenzie and I both love creating content that reflects our unique styles and shows off the places we love. We collaborated on this fun styled elopement at Coal Creek Falls in Bellevue, WA on a rainy April morning. Our styling plan was to reflect a seasonal, earthy feel that would be both modern and timeless. Our ultimate goal was to create images that not only document our gorgeous environment, but Jerad and Mackenzie's love as well.


What made you laugh?

We got a lot of hilarious looks from passing hikers and their dogs! It also poured on us but we didn't care - the rain is one of the things we love about Washington! I fell in the mud at one point but protected the camera! We all got a laugh when Jerad and Mackenzie got in the freezing cold water - their toes were numb in seconds!


What is the story you want told from this day?

Never be afraid of a little rain! Your wedding day should reflect your personal style and be designed to be a testament to your love, rain or shine. Intimate moments with you and your partner are the most important, not the fanfare and stress of the wedding day. Sometimes all you need is to get away, with your love, in the nature that can put things in perspective.


See more of Lindsey's work over on her website or Instagram!

Good light and better falls engagement

Good light and better falls engagement

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