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Strong women break the rules

Strong women break the rules

I want to show that a wedding can be beautiful even in the middle of the woods with nobody around. I want to show the beauty of the women present at weddings, and not just women wearing satin dresses and with perfectly pinned hair. These girls are unique and strong, and they each showed their personality and beauty in their own way.


This day was intended to be in honor of International Women's Day! We wanted to create a bridal session that was focused on the bride and her lady squad. We wanted to emphasize the beauty and diversity of the women involved, and really inspire brides to own their day and their look, with or without a man. The location/theme was intended to be very woodsy. It was an extremely rainy day, so we found some tree cover and went with it :).


What made you laugh?

Ankober, one of the women involved, was constantly dancing in the middle of my shooting. But it was really subtle, so you will see in a lot of the shots everyone is laughing and she is just doing her.


What made you cry?

This shoot was really special to me, because it was with a lot of dear friends. Some really strong women who have been through a lot. It was important to me to make them feel beautiful and empowered. So while no tears were shed, it was important to all of us for that reason.


What will you never forget?

The image of Natalie and Ankober linking arms. They are two gorgeous women, who look COMPLETELY different, and have entirely different stories. They had such beautiful chemistry together, and were so naturally intertwined for those photos. I love that they have a lot of contrasting features, yet seem so connected.


What did you learn?

With this group, since there were no men, it was really valuable for learning how to direct groups. There were a lot of natural moments, but the bridal parties tend to require more guidance on poses. There were a lot of really creative ideas that came out of the group that I am so looking forward to using in the future.

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Photography: Kerouac Photography (Instagram)

Venue: Robinswood Park, Bellevue, WA

Coordination: Jordyn Fleming-Bowman

Pillows, puppies and snow!

Pillows, puppies and snow!

Fleurae Floral Design

Fleurae Floral Design