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Jules Eden Photography

Jules Eden Photography

Today we are really excited to introduce you to Julia Eden Photography as she takes over the @PNWedding account over on Instagram. It's going to be a great day!


How did you get started?

I attended school in Salt Lake City, where I studied Interior Design, and I loved it! I knew that while in school, that I really wanted to dive into the wedding industry. I started thinking big. I started out with wedding venue designs, wedding planning and design, designing wedding dress shops. Anything! I knew that I wanted to be a part of the most important and happiest day of peoples lives. I soon got married after graduating and moved to a little town in South Eastern Idaho, it was nice for the first year but we ended up moving back to Boise, Idaho where we are both from and had our first daughter. So there I was as a new mom, loving my baby girl more than anything. But still felt there was something missing. Also having postpartum depression, (if you struggle with it too, I'm here for you! And I am cheering you on!) I had always been interested in photography, but never thought anything of it because I had no clue about anything. With the strong support of my loved ones they encouraged me to just try it! I was instantly hooked! I love working with couples during the most happiest stage of their new adventure together. Marriage!


What is your favorite part of weddings?

The cake! Haha jk, but for real I LOVE the first dances. It's the first moment that they really let it sink in. That after the months of prep, hours of getting ready, little mishaps along the way, that they did it. They made it, and they can finally enjoy this new thing they signed up for. I like to think I'm not a crier, but I loose it every time! First Looks may be my favorite thing about the whole wedding deal. Especially when it's not the day of. It has this very intimate feeling that just engulfs over the whole moment. He gets to see his gorgeous bride for the first time, and her butterflies are like literally jumping out of her stomach. I did it with my husband so I know the feeling and the anticipation kills me! I also love when LDS couples come out of the temple for the first time, it's the biggest happiest moment and everyone is cheering!!


Tell us a story of a wedding that you'll never forget

A close family friend of mine was going through chemo this last year, and still is. He was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and we were worried that he wasn't going to make it. His oldest daughter, who I have seen grow into a beautiful woman was getting married that august! Their family, even though going through the toughest time that life can through at someone still was all sorts of happy for their daughter. The day was perfect, loved ones came in from across the country to see her be this gorgeous bride. Her mom was the happiest I had ever seen her and her dad. Oh the smiles he had were beaming! The moment towards the end of the night where he danced with his newly married daughter was some of the sweetest moments anyone could ever see. There wasn't a single dry eye. We had all been praying for this day. To see him make it to that moment where we could see them dance together. I will always remember that daddy/daughter dance and how lucky I was to be there. He still has a long road to recovery but that day was unforgettable and something that I will always cherish for years to come.


What makes you unique?

I have a background in design that also goes back into theatre. With this I have been able to dig deep into human research and realize what looks real and relatable versus what is staged. Because of this my attention to detail is sharp. Every movement must have a reason behind the action. In theatre I was also the lighting director for all the plays, so I know what to look for that tells the story in way that is flattering to the eye.


Thanks again to Jules Eden for the takeover. Go check out her work on her website or Instagram as well as the PNWedding account today.

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