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Nicolle & Patrick | Thea Foss Tug Boat | Discovery Park

Nicolle & Patrick | Thea Foss Tug Boat | Discovery Park

Nicolle and Patrick met, they came to Seattle, and got married on a tugboat, and none of it was planned from the beginning.

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What made you laugh?

The bride's hair, in a good way. The couple was so authentic and "themselves" it was like "IDGAF" about everything and everyone loved it.


What made you cry?

The groom has a love of the sea and a love of boats. This fact combined with a very unfortunate injury sustained while in the Navy made a beautiful and sad story.


What will you never forget?

Nicolle and Patricks goofy, almost childlike playfulness with each other and their surroundings. You can see it in the porthole photo.


The tugboat, the Arthur Foss, was built in 1889 which makes it 128 years old, which means it has served for more than HALF of the existence of the United States. That's pretty cool.

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