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Candice Luth Events

Candice Luth Events

Today, we are so excited to introduce you all to Candice Luth Events! It's so wonderful to see all the awesome people who make weddings in the PNW just so great!

Introduce yourself!

I'm a total romantic and a Disney nut that has been obsessed with weddings and parties since I can remember. I live in Seattle with my husband and love of my life, Christopher. We were married in July 2011 and it was truly a fairy tale. (It was even held at a castle!) I have a cat. I love noodles. I knit and take photos and enjoy doing arts and crafts. Nature amazes me. I think that history is fascinating. I love to travel and have a dream of someday living in Paris with a small summer cottage in Provence (a girl can dream!). I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English and I absolutely love to read. I am a fun, quirky girl who dreams big and loves life.

How did you get started?

I started doing holiday parties for my "day job" and then slowly got into other events and weddings from there!

What is your favorite part of weddings?

Seeing the couples faces as they light up down the aisle, and also the first time the brides/grooms see their venue all decked out. Laughter and LOVE!

Tell us a story of a wedding that you'll never forget

A wedding that I just did at The Foundry in SODO had the absolute greatest couple and vendor team. It was just a beautiful evening with a great vibe, incredible music, lots of laughter and dancing, and so much joy. The couple just looked gleeful the whole night and all their friends and family were rocking it on the dance floor until they went out the door with Taco Bell tacos for the glow stick send off. It was also so memorable because the bride was friends with 3 of my other brides and grooms, so it was like a great reunion!


What are your dreams?

I dream of creating beauty in the world. Whether this is through gorgeous flower arrangements, a lovely table display, or the beauty of the smiles on a happy couples face, I just want to surround myself with loveliness. And I would be obsessed if I could do a wedding in either Disneyland or Paris. Or both. :)

What makes you unique?

I try to bring a personal touch to each of my weddings and put my heart and soul into making sure that brides and grooms have the very best day of their lives. I'm a small, self run little company (for now), but I really put my all into creating beautiful moments for my couples. I'm a total romantic at heart and just really love love.

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From the Daisies styled shoot with Daughters of Simone and Tribes N Pines

From the Daisies styled shoot with Daughters of Simone and Tribes N Pines

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