In the land of sky high mountains and wild seas, ours is a unruly and passionate love.

PNWedding is a human centered, diverse community that celebrates all the stories, joys, details, images and memories that make nuptuals in the Pacific NorthWest something special.

Bixby + Pine

Bixby + Pine

The PNW is so full of wonderful vendors, people, artists and workers. We're really excited to introduce you to the team of Bixby + Pine today!

How did you get started?

We have been best friends since we were little girls and have been planning our whole lives! Bixby + Pine is really just a combination of all of our dreams. The best part is getting to do it all together!

What is your favorite part of weddings?

It is really different for all four of us! We each enjoy different parts of the planning process and big day but one of our very favorites is the vows, at least one of us always ends up in tears!

What makes you cry?

Watching the grooms face as the bride comes down the aisle, vows, first dance, speeches. If you can't tell we are an emotional bunch!

What are your dreams?

We have a bucket list of places we would love to work. Some of those places include Australia, Ireland, and New Orleans. We love styling for major companies and would love to work on some more amazing collaborations!

What makes you unique?

Since we are a group of four, there are always four different viewpoints coming up with ideas for our client's weddings. We don't necessarily have a specific style in our designs so when a couple comes to us with an idea for their wedding we can really run with it and make it unique and true to them! Also four sets of hands really come in handy on wedding day!

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Photos by: Lora Grady (Website, Instagram)

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